June notes

For over a decade, Milk-Bone has been supporting the Canine Assistants Organization. A portion of every purchase helps raise and train service-dogs for those in need.

This corporate relationship has been transformed – from a less-conspicuous partnership whose impact was not often felt, into a successful Facebook campaign. “It’s Good to Give.” The goal of this social campaign was to find a way for dog lovers to take personal interest in the Canine Assistants Service Training Program.

The Facebook campaign allowed users to see the impact of each Milk Bone purchase made. They received a firsthand look at CAO’s dog upbringing, training, progress, etc. The campaign was almost an instant success. A national TV commercial followed; spreading the word about the program. This coincided with a web documentary on the Golden Retriever Noble and his instructor Chris.

When Noble graduated, the company allowed fans to celebrate with Noble. Celebrations began by asking Facebook users to pitch in and help Noble get 3 special graduation gifts. All that was required was a “Like”. The campaign’s success allowed Milk Bone to take it one step further and offered photo albums of fan selection pictures on Lulu.com

Milk Bone then asked fans to change their profile pictures with a “Today I’m Noble” Avatar. The response was overwhelming and brought significant awareness to the project. A ‘Congratulations’ video was made for Noble using photos tagged of Facebook users and their dogs, wishing Noble luck.

Noble not only helps people in need, but helped bring awareness to the program that continues to grow at a rapid pace. With over 1 billion impressions; the campaign drove the interest of PBS. The ratings of the PBS special were 30% higher than the national average rating for a PBS prime-time show. These further drove donations, volunteer applications, and service dog requests to record levels.

Canine Assistants’ web traffic increased over 800% in the first month, averaging 100 more visits per day thereafter and added over 300 donors to their database. Milk-Bone’s share grew from 36% to 38% in a little over 4 months and private label share decreased from 25% to 23% during the same period.