Security Implementation & Assessment

Security Implementation & Assessment

Managed Security

Domino Computing has partnered with Sonicwall allowing us to provide a quality cost effective solution for our clients. Sonicwall provides a reliable ASIC certified firewall utilizing stateful packet inspection technology. We have committed to Sonicwall's Global Management System because of its superior remote management, monitoring, and reporting capabilities. Our NJ Operations Center is notified of any firewall or Internet connectivity malfunctions the instant they occur. All firewall activity is automatically recorded and logged to our secure database system, allowing us to generate 30+ reports based on different firewall data such as bandwidth utilization, web site usage, and intrusion attempts.

Our expert staff establishes secure firewall and internet policies that will protect your network from any intrusion attempts. All new releases of firmware and software from the firewall are tested and applied to guarantee your firewall is always protected with the most current security and technology.

Fully Managed Security Solution

Domino Computing's professional engineers will assess your company's security needs, pre-configure the device to your specifications, and install it at your location. Domino Computing's Managed Security includes 24x7 monitoring and automatic alarm notifications. Domino Computing monitors the security appliance from its New Jersey location and can make any changes to the configuration without delay.

Cost Efficient 

By outsourcing your company's managed security needs to Domino Computing, you will save money on all hardware and software upgrades. Since Domino Computing Inc. owns and manages the security equipment, you don't have to worry about out-of-date equipment or software upgrades. This will allow you to focus on the foundation of your business.

Around The Clock Monitoring

Domino Computing will manage the security appliance from our NJ Operations Center, and make any changes to the configuration remotely and on-demand. With Domino Computing's 24x7 monitoring and automatic alarm notifications, we will know immediately of any security attacks.