Disaster Recovery & Prevention

Disaster Recovery & Prevention

Disaster recovery is the single MOST IMPORTANT thing to worry about when creating an IT infrastructure. Unfortunately it is also the most overlooked. Never make the assumption that a server hard drive will never crash, or important data will never accidentally get deleted. Domino Computing provides a wide range of disaster recovery solutions to ensure that if you do lose data, it can be recovered both quickly and with a minimal loss.


Based on the needs of your business, Domino Computing will find a backup solution that is right for you. We provide options such as daily tape backups, real time backups, offsite backups, and offsite real time backups. With our knowledge of your business, we can recommend a backup solution that is right for you.

E-Mail Backup 

Does your business require e-mail to be up 24x7x365? If E-Mail is the livelihood of your business Domino Computing can help. We have alliances with solutions providers that can ensure that your e-mail will be accessible, even if your business servers are down. With an e-mail backup solution in place, you can rest easy knowing that a sender will never receive and "undeliverable" message when sending to your business.